Gillian Tee

Hello. Here you'll find some info that summarizes my existence:

  • I like working on and helping startups, and am currently working on something new through 500 Startups.
  • I live in between San Francisco and Singapore. I enjoy reading, design, programming, whiskey and tennis.

In the past,

  • I co-founded Rocketrip, a Y-Combinator travel tech company where I led product and technology.
  • I founded CodeUpStart, a place for people to learn to code real apps.
  • I helped launch Agolo, an AI summarization engine for real time information.
  • I spent time as a product manager at Amazon, did some AI research and worked as a software engineer.
  • I studied Computer Science at Melbourne University and Business and International Affairs at Columbia.
  • I was born in Singapore, bounced around Europe for a bit and spent half my life in Melbourne, New York, San Francisco and Seattle.

To learn more,